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Our collection of sex tips, kink talk, sex toy recommendations, and fun ideas to spice things up inside (or outside) the bedroom, plus interviews with sexual wellness experts and sex & dating stories from our community!

Can Masturbating Too Often Desensitize The Clit

Myth Or Fact: Can Masturbating Too Often Desensitize The Clit?

Does masturbating too often or using the vibrator numb and desensitize the clit over time? Will you get over dependent on masturbating, especially with your vibrator? Solo masturbation with clitoral ...

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Pegging For Plus Size Women: Strap-On Slipping Out While Pegging

Struggling with the strap-on slipping out while pegging? Not sure which harness would fit? Here’s our advice on pegging for plus size women, plus the best strap ons and harnesses ...

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I Love My Partner, But I Want To Have Sex With Other People

What happens if you are in a monogamous relationship and you find yourself wanting to have sex with other people? Intimacy educator and coach Stella Harris answers your questions on ...

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how to overcome feeling guilty about kink image

How To Overcome Feeling Guilty About Your Kink

Is it normal to feel guilty about your sexual kinks? Certified Sex Coach Kristen Thomas shares more about kink shame and how you can overcome your guilt around your sexual ...

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Sex During Pregnancy

You deserve your best pleasure even when you are expecting. From the best sex toys to use during pregnancy to best sex positions during pregnancy, this section contains all the knowledge and ideas to enjoy sex while pregnant.

ways-to-make-sex-more-fun-while-trying-to-conceive image

5 Ways To Make Sex Fun While Trying To Conceive, Says This Sex Coach

With a strict sex schedule and the pressure to get pregnant, having sex while trying to conceive can become a total downer. Here’s what Certified Sex Coach Kaci Mial has ...

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Does sex feel different during pregnancy image

Does Sex Feel Different During Pregnancy? Here’s The Truth Behind That Libido Change!

With changes in your libido and hormones leading to easier arousal and increased sensitivity, you might be wondering: does sex feel different during pregnancy? Will you get crazy horny or ...

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best clit vibrators image

Have Fun With These 8 Best Clit Vibrators For Pregnant Mamas!

There’s nothing like a clitoral stimulation to reach the big-O! Take your orgasms to the next level with these 8 best clit vibrators for pregnant mamas. With over 8,000 (!) ...

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When to stop sex during pregnancy

When To Stop Sex During Pregnancy?

Is your pregnancy making you extra frisky and sexually aroused? Or is sex the last thing on your mind now? Either way, here’s what you need to know about when ...

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Sex & Postpartum

Ready to have sex after having a baby? Dive in to discover our tips on postpartum sex, discovering new sexual patterns and preferences following birth, and fun ideas for delicious postpartum sex!

Sexless Marriage After A Baby

4 Tips To Rekindle Sex In A Sexless Marriage After A Baby

Gone from having regular sex before the baby arrived to a sexless marriage? Here are 4 tips from a sex therapist on how you can rekindle sex in a sexless ...

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How Long After Birth Can I Have Sex

Sex After Birth: How Long After Birth Can I Have Sex?

I’m feeling all hot and ready for sex after giving birth. Is it too soon? How long after birth can I have sex? If you’re ready to jump right into ...

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Feeling frisky after miscarriage

Feeling Frisky After Miscarriage? What Does It Mean When Your Hormones Are High After Miscarriage

With all the different feelings and emotions you (and your partner if you have one) might have after going through a miscarriage, it might feel weird – and maybe even ...

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best kegel exercises after birth kegel balls image

The Best Kegel Exercises After Birth (And How To Use Kegel Balls!)

Struggling with painful sex after birth? Your pelvic floor plays a huge role in rebuilding your sex life after pregnancy. Here are the best kegel exercises after birth to do ...

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Sex For Older Women

Your body and desires will change with menopause and old age, but that does not mean an end to sex and intimacy. Learn how to enjoy the best sex, during or after menopause, with our sexual wellness and sex tips!

Sex After A Hip Replacement image

The Ultimate Guide To Sex After A Hip Replacement: Preparation, Timing, & Best Positions

So you’ve just had a hip replacement. While you are looking forward to doing all sorts of activities with your new hip, you might be concerned that sex after a ...

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Best Rabbit Vibrators For Seniors reviews image

The Best Rabbit Vibrators For Seniors, As Tested By Us!

We’ve tested and compared the pros and cons of the best rabbit vibrators for seniors, and what you need to consider before you buy a rabbit vibrator. Remember the episode when Charlotte ...

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Increase Libido After Menopause Without Hormones image

The Best Natural Remedies To Increase Libido After Menopause Without Hormones

If you are looking for complementary therapies to HRT (Hormone replacement therapy), here are the best natural remedies to increase libido after menopause without hormones. How does menopause affect sex ...

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Best sex positions for arthritis image

Best Sex Positions For Women With Arthritis

Don’t let stiff and swollen joints stop you from having a fulfilling sex life! Here are the best sex positions for women with arthritis. With more than one in every ...

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exhibitionism kink

What Is Exhibitionism Kink? A Deep Dive Into The Sexual Kink Of Consensual Exhibitionism

Do you feel aroused from the idea of being observed naked or engaged in sexual activity? You might be turned on by exhibitionism kink, a sexual kink and fantasy. “I ...

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exhibitionism kink

Reviewed! 10 Best Dildo For Women For Mind-Blowing Orgasms (2022)

Whether you are thinking of buying your first dildo or wanting to try a new dildo to spice things up, here is our review of the best dildo for women ...

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exhibitionism kink

Pain During Sex: Why Does It Hurt When I Have Sex? Here’s Why.

If you feel pain during sex, you are not alone. Here’s why and what you can do about it. Society in general has deeply-rooted ideas about what sex should feel ...

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