6 Ways To Get Out Of A Sexual Dry Spell During Menopause

No matter how much you love your partner or how sexually active you were pre-menopause, the hormonal changes within your body might lead to a sexual dry spell during menopause. Of course, there are women who get even more sexual during menopause, but what can you do if your libido is affected during menopause?

Turns out, going through a sexual dry spell during menopause is not only as miserable as it sounds, it also takes a toll on your body and mental health. A sexual dry spell leads to your body feeling sluggish, and a lack of vitality and hunger for sex.

When you are going through menopause, the walls of your vagina thin out when you drastically reduce the amount of sex you have. This can lead to painful sex when you do start having sex again.

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You can also feel in the dumps when you are not having sex, because you are missing out on having skin-to-skin contact, which can help to regulate our moods through the release of the feel-good hormone oxytocin.

Here are 5 ways to get out of a sexual dry spell during menopause and reignite the spark.

6 ways to get out of a sexual dry spell during menopause

1. Prepare yourself to have sex before jumping right in
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Sexual experiences can be uncomfortable because menopause often changes the vagina. So before jumping right into the saddle, it is important to first prepare yourself mentally before having sex, especially after a long dry spell.

Be mindful that sex can be initially different than what it was pre-menopause, and what you used to like and what worked for you might not feel the same. You might also feel a lot drier down in your vagina, or your libido doesn’t always switch on and off as quickly as it used to.

2. Get to know your partner, again

You might have been with your partner for many years, and it can feel like you know everything about them. Setting aside some time to get to know your partner again can help build the excitement of being physical with them again. You can try waking up 30 minutes earlier or go to bed later to set aside time for dates or sex.

3. Use lubricants and vaginal moisturisers to counter vaginal dryness

You may notice that your vagina is drier than usual during menopause, even if you are turned on. Vaginal dryness is due to the natural decline in your body’s estrogen levels during menopause – a problem using lubricant and vaginal moisturizers can solve.

Oil-based lube works great if you’re not using a condom, or use a water-based lube if you are using a condom. If you’re looking for extra pain relief, give this CBD-infused HONEYPOT Silicone-based lube a try.

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4. Bring on the sex toys

If you have never had the opportunity to explore playing with sex toys, whether for solo masturbation or during partnered sex, now is the perfect time to bring on the sex toys to get out of a sexual dry spell during menopause.

Sex toys add new fun and excitement to sex, allowing you to experience pleasure in new ways previously unknown to you. Whether that’s using a vibrator for clitoral stimulation, or trying a butt plug to explore anal play, there is a wide variety of sex toys now available that weren’t before.

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5. Have a regular masturbation practice

Having orgasms by yourself or with a partner is a great way to get used to the endorphins of having an orgasm, which helps you get out of a sexual dry spell during menopause as your sexual desire increases. If the idea of sex makes you feel uncomfortable as you have not had sex in a long while, masturbating allows you to regain confidence as you explore your own body and know what turns you on and what works for you.

6. Talk to a therapist

Sometimes, the change in sex drive goes beyond the physical changes. Maybe you are going through a sexual dry spell during menopause because of an emotional hurt that you’ve been carrying. Seeking out counseling or speaking to a health professional can help navigate any emotional trauma around sex or intimacy that is preventing you from having sex.

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