Best Sex Positions For Women With Arthritis

Don’t let stiff and swollen joints stop you from having a fulfilling sex life! Here are the best sex positions for women with arthritis.

With more than one in every four women developing arthritis, sex feel like an unpleasant chore when you live with debilitating chronic joint pain. Thankfully, sex is actually a form of low-impact exercise and is interestingly one of the best activities you can do for arthritis! It is all about finding the best sex positions that are comfortable.

How does having arthritis affect having sex?

Some movement during sex can feel excruciating when you are suffering from pain and inflammation in your joints or irritation in the hip. If you have hip osteoarthritis, certain positions might cause deep pain at the front of your groin and at the side of your thigh.

One important key to navigating sex when you have chronic painful joints from arthritis is planning ahead. For example, you may find that your joint pain is worse in the mornings. In that case, having sex in the afternoon or evening would be more enjoyable for you, after you have had the chance to be walk around and warm up those joints in the morning.

This is also why doctors recommend regular low-impact exercises for women with arthritis, because it helps your joints to be more limber and less stiff when it’s time to be intimate. Another way to warm up the joints is having foreplay with a warm bath or a gentle massage. It sets you in the mood for sex while relaxing your joints.

Let’s jump into the best sex positions for women with arthritis.

Best sex positions for women with arthritis

1. Face down with your butt in the air

If you have painful hips or your back prevents you from lying flat, try this.

Lie face down facing the bed, with a wedge or a regular pillow under your belly to support your hips and lift your butt up in the air, allowing your partner to enter from behind.

Face-to-face missionary-style position requires more stretching of the hips, legs, and pelvis for the receiving person. Entering from behind can help the bottom person reduce stress and pain on their hips and back.

If the person on top is the one in pain, entering from behind also removes pressure on the knees or lower back.

2. Standing up, facing a wall, entering from behind

Standing up is easier on the joints for the receiving person, as it requires less stretching of the pelvic area and creates less stress on both people’s shoulders as you don’t have to support yourself while lying down.

Standing facing a wall and bracing yourself with your hands or forearms against the wall, have your partner enter from behind. If there is a huge height difference, try having the shorter person stand on a sturdy box.

3. Spooning side by side, while being entered from behind

If you and your partner both suffer from joint pain or arthritis, then this position is light on the joints for both of you. Both of you are lying on the side facing the same direction, and have your partner enter you either vaginally or anally from behind. Spooning also allows the person in front to have their chest and clitoris or penis stimulated.

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4. Modified Missionary style

Can the traditional Missionary style truly be one of the best sex positions for women with arthritis? Well, yes it can – with a slight modification.

Looking at each other while you are being intimate can be quite hot, plus it creates a deeper emotional connection. Add pillows under your knees, butt and hips for more support, plus the lower back pain will also be alleviated when you are lying down.

5. Lie on your back on the edge of the bed

If you have trouble bending your hip or straightening your knees, then this is a good alternative to the Missionary position. Lie on your back on the edge of the bed, and have your partner enter from the front.

6. Don’t forget sex toys

If the joints in your hands or that hip pain is making you less mobile or nimble, then think of sex toys as little helpers in the bedroom. Sex toys, like a vibrator, can be an extension of your hands and act as a tool for fingers that are not as mobile. Some studies have also found that vibration can help to reduce inflammation and pain in joints.

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Wand Vibrator


Known as one of the best sex toys for seniors with arthritis or weak wrists, the Palm Power Extreme Rechargeable Wand Massager offers an ergonomic curve to its shape for comfort and ease of use.

Hold it gently against your clitoris for intense stimulation and take your pleasure to the next level with its 5 intensities & 7 rhythms, powered by the Powerbullet motor. Comes in 2 colors.


The Onda by Lora DiCarlo is designed to help you find your G-spot and the explosive orgasms it can deliver. There are 4 different stroke positions including long and short strokes, and the G-spot Massager replicates the best kind of human touch – mimicking the come-hither motion of a finger.

Remote-Controlled and App-Based Toys

For people with severe pain in their hands, wrists, or shoulders, remote-controlled sex toys can be life changing. They can be controlled with a small remote or through an app on your phone. 

The Lovense Osci 2 is the world’s first oscillating G-spot vibrator that is connected to the Lovense app and allows you to control three personalized vibration levels. It comes with a patented oscillating feature that pleasures your G-Spot. Your partner can use this vibrator on you for penetration or extra stimulation.

What if sex is too painful on my joints to continue?

If you’ve tried all the best sex positions for women with arthritis above and no sex positions seem to work for you and you feel constant pain during sex, speak to your doctor or seek out professional advice.

If physical intimacy is equally important to all partners, then sit down with your partner to talk openly and honestly about your concerns and find a solution that will work for both – if penetrative sex positions are too painful for you, explore other ways to maintain physical intimacy such as kissing, caressing, mutual masturbation and oral sex.

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