7 Pleasurable & Easy Sexual Positions For Heavy Woman And Big Girls!

Larger women have amazing sex all the time! Here are the best easy sexual positions for heavy woman and big girls that work like a charm.

When it comes to having sex, having a larger body does not – and should not – be any less pleasurable or more difficult than for women who are thin and svelte. Size can sometimes make certain positions more difficult than others. For example, if you are exceptionally tall or you are heavier than your partner.

Thankfully, with the variety of sex positions available, your height and your weight should not stop you from having the best sex possible. We love these comfortable and easy sexual positions for heavy woman and big girls – experiment to see which of the following sex positions works for you and is the most pleasurable to you.

But first… old insecurity issues

Before diving into the best easy sexual positions for heavy woman and big girls, let’s first talk about what is truly most important here – that you are gorgeous irregardless of your size and fully deserving of love, affection and pleasure.

It can be a challenge when the clothes come off and old insecurity issues pop up. You might feel self-conscious, especially if your partner is of a smaller build. Be willing to let go of old programming that your worth is attached to your body size, and know that you are enough and born worthy.

7 easy sexual positions for heavy woman and big girls

1. Doggy style

This classic sex position is great for heavy women and big girls because you can enjoy sex without spending a single moment worrying about whether your belly is jiggling, plus doggy style is great for G-spot stimulation.

You or your partner can also provide extra stimulation for you while they enter from the back – manually with fingers or with a vibrator on your clitoris.

If you have a big booty, you can modify the doggy style by lowering your forearms to the bed instead of being in an all-fours, or you can also add one or two pillows underneath your knees to take the pressure off your knees, back, and arms.

2. Spooning

Lie on your side with your knees bent, while your partner lies behind you facing the same direction. Your partner can easily enter you while you are lying with your back against them. Spooning also allows your partner to have easy access to other erogenous zones of your body, such as your nipples and neck.

3. Missionary with a pillow under your buttocks

If the classic Missionary position is rather uncomfortable and isn’t giving you orgasms and the intensity you desire, then try modifying the Missionary position by adding a pillow or several pillows under your buttocks for a better angle of penetration (and better clitoral contact and access to your g-spot).

The number of pillows you will need under your buttocks will depend on your preference, so experiment with different number of pillows. Spice up the Missionary position even more by manually stimulating your clitoris while you are being penetrated (he might enjoy the show).

bedframe straddle-sex-position
4. Bedhead straddle

Want to be on top but worried about supporting your luscious weight? Have your partner sit on the end of the bed while you remain near the bedhead for additional balance support if you need to. Straddle the penis or strap-on while being on top.

5. Sit or lie on the edge of the bed

Sit or lie on the edge of the bed with your knees bent and feet touching the bed or the floor, depending on what feels comfortable for you. Your partner will be standing in front of you and entering you from the front. If you feel comfortable, try putting both legs up on their shoulder. This sex position allows you to have fun and maintain intimate eye connection while having no worries about them supporting your weight.

6. Seated sex

Known as one of the best and easy sexual positions for heavy woman and big girls, the seated sex position has the appeal of being an up-close-and-personal experience – and even turning it into a lap dance! Props like adding a sturdy chair can help add some variety to your sex positions.

Have your partner sit on a sturdy chair and you will sit yourself on top of them either facing face-to-face or back to them —whichever works best for you. Facing with your back to them might be a bit more stable because you can plant your feet more firmly on the floor.

If you need a little assistance with your balance but don’t have anything to hold on to, ask your partner to hold your waist as you straddle up and down (or back and forth!). You can also position the chair against something you can hold on to for more support, like a table, countertop, or any other heavy or fixed furniture.

Pro-tip: place the chair on carpet instead of tile. You want the chair to be on flooring that won’t allow it to slide – and accidentally hurt yourself.

7. Reverse Cowgirl

Many plus size women are unsure about the cowgirl position as it requires you to be on top of your partner. It could be of hurting them or doing any lasting damage, or maybe it is being self-conscious of your body in full view.

The modified cowgirl position allows you to get on top, control the pace and depth of penetration, and face the other way instead of towards your partner if you prefer.

For those of us with short legs and your knees don’t touch the bed, or if you have a wider bodied partner, the reverse cowgirl works well if your partner spreads their legs and your feet or calves go under their thighs.

Modify the sex positions where necessary

All sex positions are not set in stone and there are no rules about what you can do or cannot do. Always make modifications if you feel uncomfortable with any of the above sex positions.

For example, you can kneel instead of sitting or lying down. Sit or lie on the floor or a sturdy dining table instead of the bed. Connecting and enjoying each other’s bodies is the key to enjoying sex as a plus size woman while trying out all the mentioned easy sexual positions for heavy woman.

Don’t forget sex toys

We love adding sex toys as a great addition to any bedroom play as they allow us to spice things up and reach even better orgasms. If both you and your partner are comfortable with using sex toys during sex, here are some of our favorites:

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SUNDAZE Pulse Vibe

The SUNDAZE Pulse Vibe is one of our favorite vibrators, with its tapping, thrusting, and pulsating sensations all in one vibrator. Have fun with the broad, flat side of SUNDAZE to rub your clit for you, or use it hands-free by proping SUNDAZE against a pillow and penetrating it (look ma, no hands!).

Have fun using the SUNDAZE vibrator with your partner during sex as well, whether that’s while doing doggy style and having the vibrator on your clitoris, or while penetrating you from the front with the vibrator on your clitoris for added pleasure.

Tiger G-Spot Vibrator

Bring out your wild side with the Tiger G-Spot Vibrator! This vibrator allows you to experience rippling sensations with each move, and the curved tip is perfect for G-spot and prostate massage. The loop handle makes it easy to hold on to during sex, even if you have lube on your hand.

Ready to use it with your partner? This flexible silicone vibrator moves with your motion, giving you the option to try some new positions comfortably with its flexibility. Lube up the ridges and run them along your clit while it vibrates.

Ripple Vibrating Anal Bead Plug

Mix up your butt play with the Ripple Vibrating Anal Bead Plug from Honey Play Box! Experience all the fun of anal beads with added vibrations for even more intense anal sex orgasms.

This toy comes with a quartet of 4 beads, with a small tip that progressively gets bigger as you get to the base of the toy. At the base, you are able to control and select from any of the 9 vibration patterns. The Ripple Vibrating Anal Bead Plug is made of medical-grade silicone and 100% waterproof so you can take it into the bath without any worries.

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