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Dr. Claudia Six
Clinical Sexologist specializing in Sexual and Intimacy issues
PhD Clinical Sexology | MA Counseling Psychology | Board Certified Clinical Sexologist

Alexandria Holcomb
Alexandria Holcomb
LGBTQAI+/Kink/Poly-friendly sex & marriage therapist
MA in Clinical Psychology | Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

Dr. Shannon Chavez
Dr. Shannon Chavez
Licensed Clinical Psychologist and AASECT Certified Sex Therapist
Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology | M.A. in Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy | Professional Sex Coach

Online Sex Therapy

Whether you are looking for a sex therapist near you or online sex therapy, there are many options for therapy these days. Online sex therapy is conducted over the internet via email or video chat that would allow you to talk to your therapist face-to-face in real-time.

Online sex therapy is not only confidential and professional, it is also at least as effective as traditional in-person sex therapy. If you are new to any form of online therapy, give yourself time to get used to how online sex therapy session works and allow rapport to build between you and your sex therapist.

Video chat sex therapy

Video chat sex therapy is a great option for those who can't make it to face to face counselling sessions or prefer to meet their therapist over the Internet. You will need to have a webcam or microphone and they usually come with your phone or a laptop. They can also be purchased at a relatively inexpensive price if your computer does not have a webcam or microphone.

The benefit of video chat sex therapy sessions is that it closely resembles an in-person therapy session. You will get to see your therapist, which mimics the in-person experience.

You don’t need to be a 'tech genius' to have online sex therapy sessions work for you. While you do need some basic computer skills to log into the video chat and turn on your microphone and webcam, many sex therapists who offer online therapy sessions will be able to walk you through to getting started for the first time.

How does email sex therapy work?

Besides video chat, your sex therapist might also offer email counseling as a form of therapy via email exchange. If you prefer this option, you will be able to write your concerns in an email, and your sex therapist will reply with their therapeutic response. This form of therapy is particularly helpful for those who struggle to speak out their problems, as it allows them to process and put down their thoughts pen to paper.