How To Use Nipple Clamps For The First Time (Plus The Best Nipple Clamps We Love)

If you love touching or pinching your nipples during sex or masturbation, then it is time to upgrade your sexperience and invest in a nipple clamp. We share everything on how to use nipple clamps for the first time and the best nipple clamps we love!

Alongside other hot erogenous zones like the neck and clitoris, nipples are one of the main hot spots to get arousal. The nipples and areolas (the darker circles that surrounds them) are more sensitive than most other parts of your body because they are dense in nerve endings.

Pinching the nipple increases sensation and causes an immediate spike in oxytocin production, and using a nipple clamp is a great way to heighten sensations hands-free.

Although the pleasurable pain that is associated with nipple clamps is often seen in BDSM context, nipple clamps are really for anyone to enjoy – even if you are not into BDSM.

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Nipple orgasms are a real thing (it even has its own word: nipplegasm), and pleasuring our nipples with a nipple clamp can kick things up a notch.

What are nipple clamps?

Just like the name suggests, nipple clamps are clips you clamp on your nipple to squeeze or pinch a small bit of your nipple flesh. By restricting the blood flow to the nipple, you will experience a numbing yet pleasurable yet painful feeling – all very pleasurable if your nipples is an erogenous zone.

Some also get turn on by seeing their partners wearing a nipple clamp, while others like the feeling when removing a nipple clamp. Using a nipple clamp also frees up your hands or your partner’s hands to focus on elsewhere, like oral sex or other sex toys.

However, there is more to using a nipple clamp then simply clipping a pair on and going at it! Here are some things to consider before you try using nipple clamps.

Things to consider before you try using nipple clamps

Do nipple clamps hurt?

Every person experiences nipple clamps differently. Since you are clamping the nipple clamp directly to the nipple and there is an increase in sensation from blood flow forcing out from the nipple, it is similar to the feeling of being pinched in the nipple.

You might find that using a nipple clamp is a dull pinching sensation, possibly even numbing. You can also increase or decrease the pain depending on the type of nipple clamp you use. You can experiment with the slack of the nipple chain, if there is one.

It is important to know that if the nipple clamp is causing you pain before you orgasm, it might be even more painful after you orgasm. So make sure to remove the nipple clamp in time before an orgasm, unless you want a really sore nipple!

Nipple clamps can also leave scarring if you use them too frequently or if you get too intense with them. So be sure to take it slow and give your nipples some much needed rest between each nipple play!

How long to keep nipple clamps on

It will all depend on the tightness of your nipple clamps. If they are really tight, then you would want to keep your nipple clamps on for up to 10 to 15 minutes. If your nipple clamps are looser, then you can keep the nipple clamps on longer for as long as 20 minutes.

If you start noticing your nipple turning a blue-ish color, it’s also a sign it is time to take them off as it is not getting enough blood flow.

Nipple clamps can cause bruising

Depending on how tight your nipple clamp was, it can leave behind a bruise mark. If having a nipple bruise bothers you, then be sure to go looser next time.

Using nipple clamps when pregnant or lactating

We don’t recommend pregnant or lactating women wear nipple clamps for a prolonged period of time because any constant pressure in any spot on the breast tissue can cause mastitis – an inflammation of breast tissue that sometimes involves an infection. Due to this, nipple clamps should also be avoided completely in the first two months postpartum.

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How to use nipple clamps for the first time

Nipple foreplay first

Before jumping right into clamping the nipple clamps on your nipple, start with getting the nipple area warmed up. Long foreplay is the key to a good nipple play, so start with a breast and nipple massage, then slowly pinch or suck the nipples.

Once you or your partner is aroused from all that nipple foreplay and the nipple is errect, it’s time to clip on the nipple clamps. Take a breath, clip on the nipple clamps on the base of the nipple or the areola, slowly (!) tighten, then breathe out.

The nipples might take some time adjusting to the sensations of having the nipple clamp on it, so continue to stimulate the breast and nipple area.

Then, when you or your partner are close to an orgasm or in the midst of one, it’s time to remove the nipple clamps gently (do not yank!). Once you remove the nipple clamps, all the blood flow will rush back into the nipples. At the same time, oxytocin will be released in the brain (the same chemical released during orgasms), so you can expect a rush of sensations!

Pick a nipple clamp with adjustable clamps

If you are new to using a nipple clamp for the first time, you would want to pick a nipple clamp with adjustable clamps so you can increase the intensity and sensation as you experiment with using nipple clamps. You would probably want or need to adjust the clamps’ pressure during nipple play anyway.

If you are using nipple clamps with a partner for the first time, practice safe sex by first discussing your boundaries and limits, as well as having a safe word or signal in place. This will help your partner understand when to increase or reduce the pressure during sex.

The best nipple clamps we love, reviewed!

Best nipple clamps for beginners

If you are new to nipple clamps, then go for butterfly, tweezer, or alligator style nipple clamps which are adjustable.

Tweezer clamps – which look just like tweezers with a small ring used for tightening – are a safe bet. Make sure they are adjustable so you can increase or decrease intensity, and come with rubber tips so the hard metal doesn’t press into your skin.

Nipple clips with red tassels

Honey Play Box

This pair of beautiful nipple clips with red tassels is a visual stunner, and ideal for beginners; the rubber ends allow for comfort even with greater nipple pressure. Spice up your bedroom with this pair of nipple clips by Honey Play Box.

Easily increase or reduce pressure with the adjustable clamps, and the sliding bar means you can adjust the pressure at a gradient.

Get this nipple clips with red tassels at Honey Play Box

Sportsheets Sincerely Black Jeweled Nipple Clamps

Spectrum Boutique

If you are looking for a fancier and more elegant looking nipple clamp with chains, then you’ll love the Sportsheets Sincerely Black Jeweled Nipple Clamps. The chains on this nipple clamp is more than an aesthetic addition. Gently (or not so gently) tug on the chain to further intensify the sensation on the clamped nipples.

Get this Sportsheets Sincerely Black Jeweled Nipple Clamps at Spectrum Boutique

Broad tip alligator style clamps are also great nipple clamps for beginners, if you prefer the look and function of a nipple clamp with a set screw to adjust the intensity. They are also better for smaller nippled folks as they have smaller tips.

Sensual Touch Soft Nipple Clamps

Dark Amour

Feeling playful? Give your nipples playful pinches and soft caresses with these adjustable Sensual Touch Soft Nipple Clamps by Dark Amour!

This set of beginner-friendly adjustable nipple clamps also double as a tickler sex toy, and the easy-to-adjust screw design makes it easy to change from a tease to a tight squeeze.

Get this Sensual Touch Soft Nipple Clamps by Dark Amour at TooTimid

Nipple clamps with silver tassels

Honey Play Box

This pair of nipple clamps with silver tassels looks just as good as it feels. It comes with adjustable knob so that you can adjust the clamps’ tightness easily. The tip of the nipple clamp is rubber-coated to ensure a comfortable squeeze without any pain.

Get this nipple clamps with silver tassels at Honey Play Box

Best nipple clamps with vibration
Vibrating Nipple Clamps by Pipe Dream

Vibrating Nipple Clamps by Pipe Dream


Love getting that buzzy feeling? Try these adjustable vibrating nipple clamps by Pipe Dream. It comes with a on/off controller for you or a partner to handle, and a powerful mini-bullet vibes in each clamp.

The down side is that the battery is corded, but that should not stop you from discovering the fine line between pleasure and pain as you tighten the screws and turn on the vibrations!

Get this vibrating nipple clamps by Pipe Dream at TooTimid

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