How To Use Sex Toys After Birth To Ease Your Way Back Into Sex

After going through many changes during your pregnancy, the recovery to pre-pregnancy sex after childbirth can be intimidating. Besides easing your way back into sex, using sex toys after birth can be good for your recovery too.

While there is no hard-and-fast rule to say when you should be having sex after giving birth, generally you should be cleared for sex in around four to six weeks (depending on how you delivered). Some women experience better sex after having children, while others find themselves too exhausted for sex.

Using sex toys after birth is a great way to reintroduce sexual pleasure to your body, whether it’s through solo play or with a partner. Things may also feel different between you and your partner after having a child.

Sex toys can show you that you are capable of orgasm, giving you the confidence to invite your partner into bed. Allow your partner to use a vibrator on you or let them watch you pleasure yourself.

Using sex toys after birth will allow you both to still enjoy great sexual pleasure even if you are unable to have penetrative sex yet (or just don’t feel comfortable yet with penetration).

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Our recommended (and favorite) sex toys after birth!

One of our favorite sex toys after birth is the simple, bullet vibrator for direct clitoris stimulation. Using a vibrator can help the muscles of your vagina to relax and stimulate vaginal lubrication. Since the sensation in the genital area and perineum are often reduced after childbirth, using a vibrator can help to stimulate the sensations.

1. GIGI™ 2 G-spot Vibrator by LELO

Aptly nicknamed the Shiver Maker, the curved and flattened tip of the GIGI™ 2 G-spot Vibrator by LELO is designed to be flipped over, making this vibrator not only a G-spot vibrator but also a clitoral massager too. Penetrating might be uncomfortable during the earlier weeks of healing, which is why we love that it is dual purposed.

Go from a teasing murmur to a satisfying pulse with its 8 pleasure settings, plus you can take it into a shower or bath for the wettest experience of your life.

2. Ambi Bullet Vibrator by Lovense

The Ambi Bullet Vibrator by Lovense is one of the most versatile bullet vibrators. It offers broad, pinpoint or super pinpoint stimulation, allowing you to experience pleasure through different ways. We love that this bullet vibrator is comfortable to hold in multiple positions with its unique design, and you don’t have to twist your hand just to hit the O spot.

3. AMO Bullet Vibrator by Hot Octopuss

Small, discreet, and with deep rumbly vibrations, the AMO Bullet Vibrator by Hot Octopuss is perfectly shaped for clitoris stimulation. It’s hard to believe that such a petite bullet vibrator can pack such a powerful punch, but it does. Whether you prefer pinpoint stimulation or broad stimulation, you’ll love how much power and versatility this tiny vibe packs.

Hot Octopuss is a UK company that create products that are inclusive, including sex toys for non-binary and trans – which we obviously love as we are fans of companies that strive for inclusion.

4. Sakulove Spin Vibrator
Sakulove Spin Vibrator sex toys after birth

The Sakulove Spin Vibrator provides a 360-degree full rotation vibration with its unique design at the head of the wand. This beautiful looking G-spot spin vibrator comes with 3 unique rumbly vibration speeds and 9 vibration modes, allowing the vibrator to flirt with your clitoris.

When you’re ready for penetration, the spindle rotates to massage your G-spot for powerful and deep orgasms. It is also 100% waterproof, making it perfect for bubble baths and power showers.

The important part is to make sure you’re comfortable and enjoying yourself with sex after childbirth. And if that means using sex toys after birth to ease back into sex, then that’s completely fine.

Because pleasure gets better the more you know what you like and need! Learn more about women sexual wellness, self pleasure tips, and more.