The Ultimate Guide To Sex After A Hip Replacement: Preparation, Timing, & Best Positions

So you’ve just had a hip replacement. While you are looking forward to doing all sorts of activities with your new hip, you might be concerned that sex after a hip replacement might not be the best idea – at least, not right away.

Here is everything you need to know about returning to sex after a hip replacement, realistic expectations, and the best (and worst) sex positions after a hip replacement.

When can you start having sex after a hip replacement?

Since every person’s body is different, the timeframe that your doctor gives you would likely differ from someone else. In general, it is likely you will get cleared for sex six to eight weeks after your hip replacement surgery.

During that six to eight weeks post-surgery period, there are certain movements that you should avoid doing. You should not raise your knee past hip level, twisting or pivoting your hip, and you should not move your knee across the midpoint of your body. Because these are movements that occur frequently during sex, you can see why you need to get cleared for sex first by your doctor after a hip replacement surgery.

Here’s the good news: you probably found sex rather tricky before the surgery if you needed a hip replacement. A 2017 systematic review found that 44 percent of 1,694 patients surveyed reported improvements in sexual satisfaction after having a hip replacement surgery.

So once your hip is healed and cleared for sex, you can look forward to being more physically capable of sex than you were pre-hip replacement surgery!

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How to prepare yourself for sex after a hip replacement

Once you have been cleared for sex by your doctor, we recommend the following to make sex more comfortable as you recover from your hip replacement surgery.

  1. Take a mild pain medication before having sex. Alternatively, you can also do some stretching before sex. A good stretch you can do before sex is to lie on your back with your legs extended. Hold on to one knee and slowly bring one leg close to your chest. Hold this position for several seconds, then repeat it on both sides for several rounds. You can also warm up by doing gentle leg swings or marching in place.
  2. Add extra support to your hips by placing a pillows or rolled towels under your feet, legs, or knees
  3. Go slow. Avoid going too fast or too hard during sex.

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Best positions for sex after a hip replacement

If you are still healing from your hip replacement, you would want to avoid any sex positions that involve flexing your hips more than 90 degrees during sex. This means no positions that require sitting.

Once your hips are fully healed, you can return to your favorite sex positions and routine. Still, there are some sex positions that are more comfortable than others after a hip replacement:


With your new hip, you can lie on either side as long as it is not painful, while your partner lies behind you while facing in the same direction. The both of you are spooning side by side, while being entered vaginally or anally from behind.

Standing up against the wall

This is one of the best positions for sex after a hip replacement, as there is no pressure placed on the hips. Standing facing a wall and bracing yourself with your hands or forearms against the wall, have your partner enter from behind.

Missionary face-to-face

Missionary style sex is a safe bet after a hip replacement. Make it extra comfortable by lying down with a pillow propped behind your back, and remember to spread your legs apart and point your toes outward.

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Worse positions for sex after a hip replacement

Besides avoiding any positions that places your hips flexing at more than 90 degrees, you would also want to avoid sex positions that require placing your joint in extreme ranges of motion – such as crossing one leg over another or bringing a knee to the chest.

It will also depend on the hip replacement surgery you had – whether you had a hip replacement done through the front of the hip (anterior) or through the back of the hip (posterior).

If you had an anterior hip replacement surgery, you should avoid extreme extension (for example, having your leg lifted backwards) and external rotation (having your foot/knee turned out, which can happen in lying down positions).

If you had a posterior hip replacement surgery, you would want to avoid hyper-flexion (such as bringing your knee close towards body) and internal rotation (where your foot/knee is turned inwards).

Sitting on top of your partner in a chair or bed

Avoid any sex positions that involve you sitting on top of your partner or straddling your partner, whether in bed or on a chair. This puts your hips flexing at more than 90 degrees, which you would want to avoid while still recovering from a hip replacement surgery.

Doggy style where you are the one on hands and knees

Another position to avoid is the doggy style, where you are bent over and on your hands and knees. This position has your hips flexing at more than 90 degrees as well.

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