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Our collection of sex tips, kink talk, sex toy recommendations, and fun ideas to spice things up inside (or outside) the bedroom, plus interviews with sexual wellness experts and sex & dating stories from our community!

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I Love My Partner, But I Want To Have Sex With Other People

What happens if you are in a monogamous relationship and you find yourself wanting to have sex with other people? Intimacy educator and coach Stella Harris answers your questions on ...

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how to overcome feeling guilty about kink image

How To Overcome Feeling Guilty About Your Kink

Is it normal to feel guilty about your sexual kinks? Certified Sex Coach Kristen Thomas shares more about kink shame and how you can overcome your guilt around your sexual ...

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how to use a glass dildo onna lifestyle

How To Use A Glass Dildo – For Beginners!

Thinking of spicing things up by adding a glass dildo to your sex toys repertoire? Here’s our beginner’s guide on how to use a glass dildo for the first time, ...

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exploring-kink-with-a-partner-what-to-do-and-do not

Exploring Kink With A Partner: How To Bring It Up And What Not To Do

Nervous about bringing up and exploring kink with a partner? Clinical Sexologist Dr. Stacy Friedman shares how to explore kink with a partner – what to do and what to ...

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Should You Share Your Sexual History With A Partner image

Should You Share Your Sexual History With A Partner?

Is ignorance truly bliss? Or should you share your sexual history with a partner? Here’s what psychologist and sex therapist Dr. Shannon Chavez has to share. It is natural to ...

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how to ask for oral sex without feeling embarrassed or awkward

How To Ask For Oral Sex, According To A Sex Therapist

Want your partner to go down on you? Sex therapist Alexandria Holcomb shares how to ask for oral sex without feeling embarrassed or awkward! While it can be difficult to ...

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No Spontaneity In Sex Life image

9 Things You Can Do If There Is No Spontaneity In Your Sex Life

From tearing each other’s clothes off to now having infrequent sex, is your sex life now doomed to infrequent or even scheduled sex? Thankfully not. Here are 9 things you ...

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Can Masturbating Too Often Desensitize The Clit

Myth Or Fact: Can Masturbating Too Often Desensitize The Clit?

Does masturbating too often or using the vibrator numb and desensitize the clit over time? Will you get over dependent on masturbating, especially with your vibrator? Solo masturbation with clitoral ...

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