Ready to have sex after having a baby? Dive in to discover our tips on postpartum sex, discovering new sexual patterns and preferences following birth, and fun ideas for delicious postpartum sex!

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Sexless Marriage After A Baby

4 Tips To Rekindle Sex In A Sexless Marriage After A Baby

Gone from having regular sex before the baby arrived to a sexless marriage? Here are 4 tips from a sex therapist on how you can rekindle sex in a sexless ...

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How Long After Birth Can I Have Sex

Sex After Birth: How Long After Birth Can I Have Sex?

I’m feeling all hot and ready for sex after giving birth. Is it too soon? How long after birth can I have sex? If you’re ready to jump right into ...

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Feeling frisky after miscarriage

Feeling Frisky After Miscarriage? What Does It Mean When Your Hormones Are High After Miscarriage

With all the different feelings and emotions you (and your partner if you have one) might have after going through a miscarriage, it might feel weird – and maybe even ...

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best kegel exercises after birth kegel balls image

The Best Kegel Exercises After Birth (And How To Use Kegel Balls!)

Struggling with painful sex after birth? Your pelvic floor plays a huge role in rebuilding your sex life after pregnancy. Here are the best kegel exercises after birth to do ...

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no sex drive after baby image

5 Things You Can Do If You Have No Sex Drive After Having A Baby

You’re not alone if you literally cringe at the thought of doing anything sexual with your partner after having a baby. Want to get your mojo back? Here are 5 ...

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burning sex after c section image

4 Things You Can Do If You’re Experiencing Burning Sex After C Section

If you are starting to have sex again after having a cesarean section (C-section) delivery, you might experience burning sex after C section. So how do you cope when sex ...

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sex toys after birth

How To Use Sex Toys After Birth To Ease Your Way Back Into Sex

After going through many changes during your pregnancy, the recovery to pre-pregnancy sex after childbirth can be intimidating. Besides easing your way back into sex, using sex toys after birth ...

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self pleasure after pregnancy

Why We Absolutely Love Self Pleasure After Pregnancy!

You’re adjusting to a new body, and also how you process pleasure. Here’s how to explore self pleasure after pregnancy! Your body is healing and you’re coping with sleep deprivation ...

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