You deserve your best pleasure even when you are expecting. From the best sex toys to use during pregnancy to best sex positions during pregnancy, this section contains all the knowledge and ideas to enjoy sex while pregnant.

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5 Ways To Make Sex Fun While Trying To Conceive, Says This Sex Coach

With a strict sex schedule and the pressure to get pregnant, having sex while trying to conceive can become a total downer. Here’s what Certified Sex Coach Kaci Mial has ...

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Does Sex Feel Different During Pregnancy? Here’s The Truth Behind That Libido Change!

With changes in your libido and hormones leading to easier arousal and increased sensitivity, you might be wondering: does sex feel different during pregnancy? Will you get crazy horny or ...

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Have Fun With These 8 Best Clit Vibrators For Pregnant Mamas!

There’s nothing like a clitoral stimulation to reach the big-O! Take your orgasms to the next level with these 8 best clit vibrators for pregnant mamas. With over 8,000 (!) ...

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When to stop sex during pregnancy

When To Stop Sex During Pregnancy?

Is your pregnancy making you extra frisky and sexually aroused? Or is sex the last thing on your mind now? Either way, here’s what you need to know about when ...

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best pregnancy sex positions

Try these 6 Best Sex Positions While Pregnant For Comfortable Sex!

When you’ve got a bun in the oven, having your partner hot and heavy on top of you probably would not feel like the most comfortable position to be in. ...

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best pregnancy safe lube

4 Best Pregnancy Safe Lube That Contains No Nasties

Struggling with painful sex due to vaginal dryness from pregnancy? Check out these 4 best pregnancy safe lube for more comfortable and enjoyable sex. Experiencing an increase in libido and ...

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sex toys during pregnancy

Your Guide To Using Sex Toys During Pregnancy

Wondering if it is safe to use your vibrators and dildos? Here’s our guide on using sex toys when pregnant, and our favorite sex toys during pregnancy! When you’re expecting, ...

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