What Is Exhibitionism Kink? A Deep Dive Into The Sexual Kink Of Consensual Exhibitionism

Do you feel aroused from the idea of being observed naked or engaged in sexual activity? You might be turned on by exhibitionism kink, a sexual kink and fantasy.

“I think I would be very open to the idea of having sex with you in front of others, maybe at a sex party.” That’s what I said to the girl I was dating then. She was of course very into the idea, as she loves going to sex parties and the idea of exhibitionism kink was right up her alley.

While the relationship expired before we both got the chance to live out our exhibitionism kink at a sex party, it got me diving deep into the idea of consensual exhibitionism and the sexual excitement I get from the idea of other people watching me while I masturbate or have sex.

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What is exhibitionism kink?

To clarify, exhibitionism kink is not the same as non-consensual exhibitionism.

Non-consensual exhibitionism is when someone exposes their genitals to strangers, or having sex in public or open spaces. In many countries, doing any of the above is a sexual offense and can be charged with indecent exposure.

I’m talking about the sexy consensual side of exhibitionism that is surprisingly rather common, and be used to spice things up in the bedroom or amp up your libido and orgasms. At the heart of it, exhibitionism kink is a sexual kink that makes someone feel sexually aroused at the idea or reality of being seen naked or having sex by others.

For example, maybe you get turn on by the idea of someone watching you masturbate, or perhaps getting watched while you are having sex with a partner.

In fact, according to this research, 84 percent of women have “experienced sexual arousal at the thought of public sex” – which is an indicator of exhibitionism kink.

exhibitionism kink

Signs you might be into exhibitionism kink

1. You fantasize about public sex at a sex club or play party where watching is encouraged

If you regularly fantasize about being watched while having sex or masturbating, then you might be an exhibitionist.

2. Performing a striptease for a partner or recording it and sharing with others

The idea of stripping or burlesque might be a turn-on for you. Showing yourself off and feeling desired is a great way to tap into your exhibitionism kink. You might also take sexy selfies, record sexy videos, or engage in Zoom/WhatsApp video sex.

3. You get turned on by the idea of having sex in front of windows

Having sex against the window remains one of my favorite places for having sex, partly because I enjoy the adrenaline of potentially getting caught.

How do I bring consensual exhibitionism into the bedroom?

There are many different ways to include consensual exhibitionism in the bedroom, but first it starts with communicating with your partner. Talk about what turns you on and set the boundaries.

For example, some things that you can do include having sex in front of a window, on your balcony, or in your pool. You might surprise them with a video clip of you masturbating, or walk up to them naked in the house when they return home.

If you are still exploring what you like when it comes to exhibitionism, you can start by practicing alone – whether that’s dancing or stripping in front of the mirror, watching yourself as you masturbate, or even going to a play party if that’s within the boundaries of your relationship.

3 best sex toys to use in public for discreet sex

There is also the naughtiness of sneaking around and using sex toys in public that makes exhibitionism even sweeter. Maybe you’re looking for a discreet way of having an orgasm in public instead of having a quick sex in public. Here are the best sex toys to use in public.

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1. MIA 2 by LELO

It’s not just appearances and convenience that make the MIA 2 vibrator by LELO such a perfect pick for public pleasure. This vibrator look like a luxury lipstick tube, fits easily into your makeup bag or purse, and is super pretty and silent. You can charge it with USB for about an hour before bringing it out with you.

2. LOVENSE Ferri Wearable Magnetic Panty Vibrator

The LOVENSE Ferri is a bullet-sized, app controlled panty vibrator that magnetically secures to any pair of underwear. Use it for solo or partnered play with its bluetooth control via the Lovense app. And because you never know when might be the perfect opportunity for some exhibitionism kink, slip this discreet vibrator into your purse or wallet in case you are in the mood for some unplanned public play.

3. LYLA 2 by LELO

Imagine getting pleasured discreetly while out dining with your partner. The LYLA 2 remote-controlled bullet vibrator by LELO lets you put your pleasure in your partner’s hands. Slim enough to be easily inserted and comfortably worn while walking or sitting, this vibrator is controlled by a small remote control with a range of up to 39 feet (12 m).

Difference between exhibitionism vs voyeurism

Like two sides of a coin, exhibitionism and voyeurism actually go hand-in-hand. Exhibitionism is about the possibility of being seen by others, whereas voyeurism is about getting arousal watching others naked or having sex.

The bottom line

If you’re into exhibitionism kink, you might want to explore this element solo or with a partner. Consensual exhibitionism can play into your fantasy and offer you another way to spice sex up.

If you think you aren’t brave enough to try exhibitionism or worry you wouldn’t like exhibitionism kink in real life, that’s alright as well as some of our fantasies can bring us plenty of joy while living in our minds without turning them into reality.

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