Why We Absolutely Love Self Pleasure After Pregnancy!

You’re adjusting to a new body, and also how you process pleasure. Here’s how to explore self pleasure after pregnancy!

Your body is healing and you’re coping with sleep deprivation and adjusting to the joys and stresses of taking care of your new baby.

You might be thinking that the last thing after giving birth is getting intimate – both with yourself and with your partner. Yet a 2013 study found that 40% of cis women masturbate within the first few weeks of giving birth.

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How soon can you masturbate after pregnancy?

Doctors and midwives typically do advise that women wait six weeks after giving birth before inserting anything into the vagina especially if you had a vaginal birth, but clitoris stimulation is generally safe as long as you are feeling good enough and interested in exploring.

A good general rule of thumb in stimulating the clitoris after pregnancy is to monitor for any pain, as the clitoral shaft and the clitoral glans can remain inflamed or tear during childbirth.

self pleasure after pregnancy

Is it safe to use sex toys for self pleasure after pregnancy?

Sex toys are perfectly safe to use for self pleasure after pregnancy, as long as you keep in mind not to insert a toy into your vagina until you have been cleared by your doctor. Vaginal penetration with any sex toy could lead to pain or infection as your body is still healing from tearing and lacerations.

Sex toys are also a great way to be intimate with your partner and explore new types of pleasure that you and your partner can enjoy together.

Stick with a bullet vibrator versus your beloved wand vibe, and remember to go slow, and take the time to explore what your body needs to feel pleasure in this post-natal state.

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Experiencing low libido after pregnancy? Here’s why. 

Not feeling up for any sexual activity after giving birth? That is very normal. After pregnancy, your estrogen levels are lower, which directly affects your libido. Not to mention your sleep deprivation from taking care of your baby.

Your desire for friskiness might return to pre-pregnancy levels as soon as three weeks after giving birth, but it also depends on individuals!

As you navigate the physical, mental, and emotional changes from birthing and taking care of a new baby, shift the focus to less on reaching orgasms and more towards reclaiming your sexual identity outside of being a mother.

How self pleasure after pregnancy can help

Masturbating allows you to feel connected with your body again after pregnancy. Many women struggle postpartum with accepting their new body and the changes it has gone through during childbirth.

Self pleasure after pregnancy allows you to reconnect with your body, instill confidence as you experience arousals and climaxes again. It also helps you to listen to your body and be mindful of any parts that might still feel sensitive or in the postpartum healing phase.

When you are able to arouse a desire and satisfy yourself, it allows you to gain confidence that you can rekindle desire and sex with your partner. It also helps informing your partner ahead of time so that when you do have sex again, sex is a pleasurable experience for you and not painful.

And remember all those nights of falling asleep easily after masturbating? Masturbation can also help you to unwind and relax.

Take time for self-love and meet your own needs

Even with a newborn baby, your wants and desires still matter. Self pleasure and masturbating allows you to shift out of the caretaker mode, to set time aside for self-love without having to worry about taking care of anyone else, and to meet your own desires and needs.

Because pleasure gets better the more you know what you like and need! Learn more about women sexual wellness, self pleasure tips, and more.